Saturday, January 2, 2021

Dec2020-Monthly and FY Finance/Portfolio dividend/interest income update

Investment Portfolio valuation on 31st Dec: $1.023 million (gain 0.8%, +6.36% inclusive of dividend)

Dec 2020 Monthly Investment Portfolio Dividend/Interest received: $4.78K

FY2020  Investment Portfolio Dividend/Interest collected in 2020: $56K

FY2020 Total Realized and Unrealized gain/loss:-$43K (-2.88%, +1% inclusive of dividend)

FY2020  Total Realized gain/loss: -$52K

My dividend/interest received in 2020 help to cover my portfolio realized loss. Overall, I am sort of break even based on total Realized and Unrealized gain/loss. As an old economy investor , my portfolio consist mainly of dividend seeking Property(reit), O&G, and Finance(Euro) counters which did not fare too well in 2020. In the last few month, I have been doing a lot of portfolio rebalancing by selling almost all my high risk O&G MLP and low grade Reits counters which resulted in huge realized loss of 52k. In replacement, I have bought mostly large cap index stock from LSE and HKSE and some ETF from SGX which help to narrow losses in 2020. Overall transactions have resulted in >1/2 million of investment sold and bought which was quite a nerve racking experience. The entire 2020 pandemic crisis actually taught me a lesson to buy only quality company and not to chase after high yield.  Hopefully, the new portfolio will be more resilient in 2021 even though I know that I still have some risky counters to trim. 

One main positive in a dismal year of 2020, my liquid networth (excl properties/CPF) actually hit an all time high of >1.7 millions due to mainly salary injection and low expense. I am certainly grateful to have a job when my investment portfolio did not do well. I am holding a high amount of cash due to the uncertainty of post covid economy disaster. I will prudently add some positions  with my cash pile to build up my  annual dividend yield to about $65K in 2021.

Due to decreased and suspended dividend payout, my 2020 total dividend/interest received is 10% lower than 2019.

Liquid Networth distribution: 


Dec 2020 dividend/interest income update:

  • Dividends received in Dec2020 from Foreign Investment (Stocks): USD $1211
  • Interest received in Dec2020 from Foreign Investment (bonds): USD $1622
  • Interest received in Dec2020 from banks interest/FD/others in US: USD $360
  • Realized gain/loss : USD: 155
  • Dividends received in Dec2020 from SGX:SGD$952
  • Interest received in Dec2020 from banks interest/FD/others in Spore: SGD $208
  • SGX Realized gain/loss in Dec2020: -SGD 17,348
  • Total dividend and interest from my investment portfolio + bank/money market account + trading gain/loss generated in Dec2020: -SGD $11,666

Detailed Dividend/Interest received from investment portfolio in Dec2020 :

Monthly Dividend/Interest earned Y-to-Y changes from 2017 to 2020:


  1. Thank you for the interesting read. Obviously, you have decent liquid net worth to scale your passive income. How do you plan to do that in 2021 knowing what you know.

    1. I will still be keeping high level of cash as my current 2021 investment portfolio income (approx 63k) should be enough to cover all my expense. I feel stress piling more cash into the stock market since I am planning to retire in near term.

  2. I have been adding more CPF into my retirement equation. Lesser stress.

    1. This is the best way to add a 4% risk free bond.. However, I am working for a company outside Spore and I don't have any more CPF contribution. I will be receiving a pension instead. However, I am planning to contribute some of my cash to fund my CPF life till FRS. This will ensure my pension plus CPF life payout can fund my basic retirement if all else fail..