Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sep2022 Finance update - Monthly Dividend/Interest received hit a record $13.3k but ...

Sep 2022 Dividend/Interest received hit a record amount of $13.3k. Total Q3 and YTD Dividend/Interest received are $31.7k  and $69.3k respectively. The dividend received is the only good news I have for my portfolio as my investment suffered the worst collapse since Mar2020. The stock market continued its brutal sell down throughout Sep and accelerated in the last 2 weeks. My portfolio has been hit hard and my entire gain from 2021 has been eliminated. All my portfolio across US, LSE, HKSE, SGX and bond markets have fallen simultaneously.. The worst hit was from my counters in LSE and HKSE as the collapse of British pound and China economy add to the interest hike woes.   

YTD loss is almost -12% with 137K paper loss compare to no loss last month. With total dividend received this year, the loss is about -7%. While the portfolio number looks horrendous, I am still sticking with my dividend strategy. As a dividend investor, I will only be very concerned if my dividend is going to be cut or eliminated but not stock price fluctuation. Most of the counters I have picked have been maintaining or growing dividend in the past 5-10 years, I believe they will continue to pay their dividend while investors like us just need to use the dividend money received to tide through any financial crisis. My only main concern is how much my reit portfolio can maintain its DPU next year when interest hike hit its bottom line. I am expecting some decrease in my dividend next year. With diversification across 80 counters covering stocks and bonds, I believe my portfolio should weather the storm to contribute enough passive income to cover my expense.  Throughout 2022, I have been maintaining a cash position of about 30% of my entire liquid net worth. I shall be utilizing my war crest if the market continue to fall another 10%. 

2017 to 2022 Monthly Dividend/Interest earned from Investment Portfolio :


Counters from my investment portfolio contributing to monthly Dividend/Interest  in Sep2022 :

Dividends received in Sep2022from Foreign Investment (Stocks): USD $4520

Interest received in Sep2022from Foreign Investment (bonds): USD $689

Interest received in Sep2022from banks interest/FD/others in US: USD $467

Realized gain/loss : USD -2288

Dividends received in Sep2022from SGX: SGD $5971

Interest received in Sep2022from banks interest/FD/others in Spore: SGD $251

SGX Realized gain/loss: Nil

Total dividend and interest from my investment portfolio + bank/money market/retirement account + trading gain/loss generated in Sep2022: SGD$10797

Sep2022 Dividend earned from investment account only: SGD $13004

Sep2022 Liquid Net worth distribution: