Monday, April 1, 2019

Mar and Q1 2019- Dividend and Finance Update

Mar 2019 continues to be a great month for my income portfolio with a total dividend and interest  SGD$6742 collected. My liquid networth in Mar2019 also increase due to strong valuation gain from my stock/bond and contribution from my stock option.

In Mar, I only taken small position in some preferred stock (RLJ-A 7.7% yield) and BPRAP (6.375% yield)  in my US IRA account which was created when I used to work in the US. Not much  opportunity to add any more US bonds or reits as high market valuation due to FED interest rate hold has limited my option for further purchase.  I took profit on my BABA and JD which yield another USD$1757. This brings my passive income to  SGD$9115 for March 2019

As for local SGX market, I bought 10 lots of SIA bond (3.03%) in Mar through IPO. It has been a while I have bought a SGX listed retail bond after my Genting bond was called. There is really no good retail SGX bond due to low interest and high risk compared to the US market. Even the SIA bond is not considered as a good purchase. The only reason for this purchase is meant to park my excess cash.

The market has continued to pop up and has increased our net worth by quite a bit, but makes the buys a little harder. We don't try to time the market though and continue to just throw cash into good companies at fair value. Otherwise, I am happy to sit out the recent rally and collect my dividend/interest to build my warcrest.

Passive Income received in Mar 2019:

Dividends received in Mar 2019 from Foreign Investment: USD $1726

Interest received in Mar 2019 from Foreign Investment: USD $704

Dividends received in Mar2019 from SGX:SGD$3258.9

Interest received in Mar 2019 from banks interest/FD/others in Spore: SGD$207

Total D&I Received from investment portfolio: SGD $6742
Trade gain :USD$1757

YTD Passive income earned: SGD $18327



Q1 Monthly Dividend/Interest earned Y-to-Y changes from 2017 to 2019