Sunday, July 2, 2023

Jun2023 Finance update - Monthly Dividend/Interest received $13.2K H12023 Total $51.5K

Jun2023 Dividend/Interest received from my investment account is about SGD $13.2k.After adding up the dividend and interest for the last 6 months, 2023 first half investment income hit $51.5K. The more than usual increase in dividend/interest received in 2023 is due to the new bond investment from my retirement account which has been in cash allocation for a long time. My liquid net worth distribution has always been showing almost >30% cash allocation in the last few years. As I mentioned in my previous few blogs, I have invested about 68 % in investment grade and US treasury bonds to lock up the higher interest rate and another 10% into various dividend ETF. The rest is put into short term money market fund which currently yield 4-5% . I am assuming that the FED interest rate hike will end soon and locking into higher long term yield will provide more secure passive income. With this new investment,  my cash holding will be dropping below 15% of my liquid net worth but it will provide an additional USD10K passive income in the next 12 months.  After accounting for the new dividend flow from my retirement account, my monthly distribution chart has been revised upward for the last 6 months. I am also expecting more 5 figures monthly dividend /interest received in the coming months.

Investment Portfolio YTD gain including dividend is 3.64% and liquid net worth YTD gain is around 6.12% 

Trade in June.

I bought back First Pacific , added a new HKSE counter (Tsugami Precision) and increased my stakes in,,, The HKSE trade buy in June is primarily financed by selling off and I have continued to increase my LSE portfolio by adding idap.l ETF and BATS. No action in SGX as I am expecting more right issues. I will be conserving some cash to participate in the right issues.

2017 to 2023 Monthly Dividend/Interest earned from Investment Portfolio :

Dividends received in Jun2023 from Foreign Investment (Stocks): USD $5974
Interest received in Jun2023 from Foreign Investment (bonds): USD $1095
Interest received in Jun2023 from banks interest/FD/others in US: USD $54.5
(Newly added) Dividend/Interest received in Jun2023 from retirement account: USD $1283
Realized gain/loss in USD: $288
Dividends received in Jun2023 from SGX: SGD $2123
Interest received in Jun2023 from banks interest/FD/others in Spore: SGD $211
SGX Realized gain/loss SGD: Nil
Total dividend and interest from my investment portfolio + bank/money market/retirement account + trading gain/loss generated in Jun2023 : SGD$13639
Jun2023 Dividend earned from investment account only: SGD $11314

Counters from my investment portfolio contributing to monthly Dividend/Interest in Jun2023 :

Based on the number of dividend / interest received date, it is like having an additional 14 pay days in June 2023.

Jun2023 Liquid Net worth distribution:

Jun2023 Investment/Retirement Portfolio including SSB(under I bond) :