Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Projected passive income for the next 12 months -Semi Annual Review

As I am planning for my retirement ,it will be useful to know my projected monthly passive income that I can generate from my investment portfolio and interest received from my cash account. This is like knowing what you will be receiving from your monthly paycheck from your regular job. Once we have some kind of assurance of our payout, we can plan our expense around what we received and not overspend during our retirement.

As everyone know, most of my investment are in bonds , reits & preferred stocks.These investments have quarterly, monthly and semi-annual payout depending on the investment instruments. Therefore, it is quite easy to work out my estimated dividend and interest payouts every month throughout the whole year.

In my previous post in Feb (, I am projecting 31k USD from overseas portfolio which supplement my SGX portfolio which yield about $SGD18K & a FD of SGD4 k P.A in 2019.The total is around is 63K.

As I have injected some capital in Jan/Feb and re-balancing of investment portfolio, I am again working out my spreadsheet to calculate my project passive income for the next 12 months.
The new project passive income from my foreign investment come up to USD33K (increase of USD2K) and  from my SGX portfolio, the passive income is SGD19.8K (an increase of SGD1.8K). Total expected passive income from both investment portfolio will be around USD48.2K or SGD 65K.

In addition,  I am also expecting around 7K interest from my cash account (FD/money fund). Final total will be SGD 72-73K in the next 12 months.

Monthly Dividend/Interest from my foreign investment portfolio

Monthly Dividend/Interest from my SGX investment portfolio

Actual D&I received in the first 6 months