Thursday, September 3, 2020

Aug 2020- Monthly Passive Income update -Dividend/Interest received $4.2K(YOY drop of 35%!!)

 It's time for another monthly tally of dividend/interest received from my portfolio. In the month of Aug, my monthly passive income collected is around $4.2k. Compare to 2019 Aug, the dividend/interest collected from my stock/bond portfolio is down by around $2.2K which is a year to year 35% plunge!! This is due to dividend suspension/cut that affected almost every dividend investors.
Monthly Dividend/Interest earned Y-to-Y changes from 2017 to 2020:

We continued to see great recovery in the US market that actually hit a record high despite having the worst pandemic crisis. The recovery is not broad based as it has only benefit the tech sectors in the US. Meanwhile , most of the sectors like real estate,consumers, retail and travel etc are still performing poorly across the global markets. My reit and O&G counters continue to underperform. However, my US bonds portfolio has hit a record high as well. This has help me to reduce my paper loss to -6.95% compare to last month -8.5%.  

I have another bond being called. Due to the record high bond market, bond yield rate like our bank deposit interest has been dismally low and I could not find any bond to reinvest. I have used the extra cash from the bond call to purchase 2 dividend stocks listed on LSE instead..Keeping my finger cross that both dividends will be safe.

My liquid networth continued to increase by another 1.7% in Aug contributed by improving financial market and salary contribution. My overall dividend yield has dropped to 5.84% after accounting all the dividend cut and suspension.

Dividends received in Aug2020 from Foreign Investment (Stocks): USD $836
Interest received in Aug2020 from Foreign Investment (bonds): USD $1020
Interest received in Aug2020 from banks interest/FD/others in US: USD $391
Realized gain/loss : USD: 583
Dividends received in Aug2020 from SGX:SGD$1512
Interest received in Aug2020 from banks interest/FD/others in Spore: SGD $208
SGX Realized gain/loss SGD: 0
Total dividend and interest from my investment portfolio + bank/money market account + trading gain/loss generated in Aug2020 SGD$5541
YTD Passive income earned from investment only: SGD $39659
YTD Realized Gain/Loss : -$41868
Detailed Dividend/Interest received from investment portfolio in Aug2020 :

Liquid Networth distribution:

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